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Les Vignerons de Tutiac, Uni-Médoc, Lugon & Sauternes

The ambitious development project of the Bordeaux wine sector

In less than two weeks after announcing the union between The VIGNRERONS DE TUTIAC and the VIGNERONS D’UNI-MEDOC, the CAVE DE LUGON has just officialised its union with the TUTIAC group. This agreement attaches the Direction and Sales within the TUTIAC group. The legal structure of each entity remains unchanged and each Board of Executives, conserve full power on all decisions regarding the relations with their members.

It took three months for all three cooperatives to unite their forces and to shape one of the most ambitious development projects of the Bordeaux Wine sector.

The President of each cooperative has become Vice-President of the TUTIAC GROUP Board of Directors. Administrators of each winery will integrate the Board of Executives of the two others to facilitate relations. Eric HENAUX has been appointed Managing Director of the three wineries.

The TUTIAC GROUP has also created the SAUTERNES VIGNERONS and a winery in the village of Cérons, based in the south of the Gironde. Proud to announce, 2018 is the TUTIAC group’s first vintage in this area.

In effect since the 12th of September 2018, this historic venture will provide the TUTIAC GROUP’s Sales Team with no less than 15 AOCs in the Gironde; over 300 000 hl of wine produced across 6 000 ha of vineyards from 700 growers. This will reinforce TUTIAC as a major Bordeaux cooperative and strong brand. The TUTIAC group now incorporates 5% of Bordeaux vineyard and 6% of Bordeaux wines.


1. Tutiac : 220 000 hl - 4 000 ha - 425 growers
2. UM : 50 000 hl - 1000 ha - 180 growers
3. Lugon : 40 000 hl - 800 ha - 100 growers
4. Sauternes : 2 000 hl - 20 growers


Presidents  : (photo : de gauche à droite)
Fabrice Privat - President of the cave de LUGON
Stéphane Héraud
, President of the VIGNERONS DE TUTIAC
Eric Pothier - President of Sauternes Vignerons
Pédro Rojo, President of the VIGNERONS D'UNI-MEDOC

Managing Director :
Eric Hénaux, Directeur Général des 3 caves du groupe

Press contact : Damien Malejacq, Responsable Marketing & Communication

Les Vignerons de Tutiac’s vineyards spread accros the appellations of Bordeaux, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux and Côtes de Bourg. Over the years and generations of winegrowers, we have become true experts of our Terroirs. We take extreme care of each plot of our vines, enabling us to produce year after year, vintage after vintage, enjoyable and unique wines.

Contact us

  • Les Vignerons de Tutiac
    La Cafourche
    33860 Marcillac

  • (+33) 5 57 32 48 33

  • From Monday to Saturday :
    09:00 – 12:00
    13:30 – 17:30

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